I keep telling you about my friend Rando Wagner’s Gofundme campaign https://www.gofundme.com/humansasone
Here is a selection of reports from volunteers in Lesbos, pictures and comments taken from their Facebook pages, so you get an idea what the situation is like:
1. Catalan coast guard in action!
Amazing work!
“Proactiva open arms”. They are from Badalona, and their story started with somebody who couldn’t just watch and do nothing. Somebody who decided to take 15000€ from his savings account and some of his rescue team friends to Lesbos in September. With help from donations and one NGO later, there they are, still now, getting about 1000 people a day out of the water.
I love all this positive action!!!

2. 11214270_10154491354968975_8705432629255212711_nDistributing backpack with the team. Backpack with toys for children, some of the more neutral bags were given to adults as they quite often arrive in lesbos only with plastic bags. People were quite happy to get those before another important part of their trips in big fairies.


3. A quiet period. The food tent, entirely funded by individual’s donations and funding from small grass-roots organisations. I saw my first UNHCR people and a UNHCR car in Skala Sykaminas today (not to be cynical but tapparently the Health Minister was visiting).

They blocked the road
For an hour not enabling us to take anyone away from the muddy conditions by the coast.

4. Lesbos Rent a Car, father and son business! € 28 a day for car hire, low prices to help volunteers hire cars, on top of that they have cables going out of their shop, so refugees can charge their phones for free, while most cafes etc charge them! Not the most headline grabbing post, but they live ‘ humanity’!! Just gave them €30 towards their electricity bill!




5. 200m from my hotel a few hundred refugees were sleeping in the port, waiting for the next ferry to depart tomorrow, flights canceled today due to wind, getting colder, was giving out chocolates and juice cartons I still had in the car. Unplanned mission on the way home! 12274455_10153124267991035_5876244158925385486_n
Lots of people asking for blankets, they are very expensive on the island, but unless it warm up, will buy some for tomorrow night.( all photos taken with prior permission, that’s why there are only men in these photos, the women didn’t feel comfortable having their picture taken)

— at Port of Mitilini.

6. One human race! Actions speak louder than anything!
Shalom to ISRAID Doctors pulling fellow humams out of the sea!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/IsraAid/13905966945472312239727_10154487641243975_6157583406686442906_n 12246731_10154487641273975_170842134914081886_n 12281883_10153122912931035_1194945448_o

7. Statement by the German 11222235_10153940631218273_8897860114422786096_ndefence minister sums it up perfectly!
“Terrorism is so well organised that it does not need to take the difficult route taken by the refugees, who risk their lives by crossing the high seas,” Ursula von der Leyen told reporters. “So I would advise that we be cautious about mixing the idea of terror with refugees”

8. Imagine someone has just bombed your home and family. You’re destitute, but no one wants to take you in. So your homeless, hungry, and have just yourself to rely on. You might be three years old, you might be forty… but now the world is a horrible, vast, cruel place. Imagine how you’d feel if the whole world was your enemy. We need a whole lot more love in the world and a whole lot less war. Let’s take the refugees in and give them support, food, shelter and basic human kindness.

You never know when you might be in that position…

9. Less than one hundred years ago we were in that position and thankfully other countries took our women & children in and cared for them. Be kind. Be gentle, and try to love one another. No two people are the same.



12274685_10154491368108975_4478504403691964276_n10. A family in front of a boat ready to go to Athens. Seeing here quite often kids that we have helped to change clothes the day before and happy to see that they are in good spirit.