Meet historical novelist C R MAY on my blog as part of my Saturday Historical Novelist Interview Series


20833407I had the honour of reading “Monsters (Sword of Woden 3)” by C.R.May for the Historical Novel Society (scroll down for my review) and I’m delighted to welcome him here as part of my interview series. My review is attached to this post further down.   Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person.
I am an English writer living in the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk, famous for its castle, college and, latterly, as the home town of the singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. After an unsatisfying decade or so spent commuting to the City of London I swapped roles with my then partner, combining childcare with several hands-on renovations of historic houses. These ranged from a Victorian townhouse to a 14th Century medieval hall, learning such age-old skills as oak frame repair and lime plastering as I went. Later a further two children arrived making four…

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