‘Recognise the human race as one’


I am really proud of my mate Rando Wagner for helping the Syrian refugees in Berkasovo, Serbia hands on. He collected money from his friends and then bought a ticket and flew to Serbia to show that his time and money are where his mouth is.
Admirable ‘ZivilCourage’ / commitment that dwarfs the empty speeches by European politicians. He used the collected money to buy food and water and hired a car to help transport the refugees from where buses drop them off to the camp.

More help is needed, not just from volunteers and private donations but from political agreements and all governments.


This is copied from his FB timeline, his own words:

“Border crossing between Serbia and Croatia! It was like a movie! The volunteers organise the refugees in groups of 50 and the Croatian police let them in group by group! This prevents repeats of events a few weeks ago, when the police where overwhelmed and borders closed! The police in these countries is not trained, equipped or prepared for what is happening! As it is unprecedented in modern times!
Europe needs to send help to the eastern borders! If it wasn’t for NGOs, both professional ones and activists, all eastern borders would be closed off my now! It’s our governments responsibility to ensure our safety and to offer people fleeing death and persecution the chance to claim asylum.”

“That’s all the water I managed to get in the car! Less than half what’s needed a day to give everyone just 1 bottle! 12191527_10153088578416035_5223744243255663826_n
There is no running water! And the process from getting off the bus to reaching the camp across the border in Croatia can take up to half a day!”

“I hope coming from someone you know (me ) rather than the press, will make everyone realise that the refugee crisis is real. I didn’t enjoy or want to take these videos, but hope it will help more people to realise how huge this crisis is and that every single persona and government in Europe needs to help! If we don’t…we will all pay a high price both economically and with millions of lost lives on our conscience! 12105709_10153088578306035_8386483775515820114_n

“One of the most rewarding nights of my life, drinving mothers with small children and elderly people the 5km between where buses drop them off and the camp.
Most other people have to walk and it is as shocking and awful as shown in the news or even worse!”

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