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My Kindle Scout Adventure, Part 1

kindlescout logoI needed to do something different. My book sales had stalled and I was searching for ways to connect with readers – new readers. So, at the beginning of September I submitted my latest, unpublished manuscript – The Dead List – to Amazon’s Kindle Scout program.

Here’s how it works:

You submit your edited (50,000 words plus) novel with cover, synopsis, and your bio.

The Scout team lets you know within a couple of days whether they accept your book.

Once accepted it’s live on the Kindle Scout site for 30 days.

During that time it’s up to you to generate page views and try to remain in the coveted “Hot and Trending” category.

Readers are asked to read a short preview and if they feel it’s worthy of publication click on the “Nominate Me” button.

Once the 30 days has expired the Scout editors will take a few business days to let you know whether or not they’ll publish you.

The submission checklist is here.

If published you receive a $1,500 advance, a 50% royalty rate, and a guarantee of earning at least $25,000 over the 5 year term of the contract. Plus you’ll receive marketing support from Amazon. You can check out all the terms here.

And, (again, if Scout publishes you), readers who nominated your book receive a free advance e-book copy (with the hopes that they post a review) before it’s available to the public.

If Scout declines to publish they still alert everyone who nominated your book that it’s available once you release it yourself, and they link your Scout page to your Amazon product page.

Even if you generate a gazillion page views and stay in the “Hot and Trending” category for the entire thirty days of your campaign, there is still no guarantee of being offered a contract. The Scout team still has to decide whether they want to publish you. But, the more activity you generate, the more likely you are to attract interest from them.

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Source: My Kindle Scout Adventure, Part 1 | Indies Unlimited

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