condiotioned-twitter-ad-oct16Tony has had a tough life. Always missing out and having to make allowances for his ‘artistic’ and ‘sensitive’ brother, he doubted for a long time that Charles truly had a legitimate illness in the first place. He bitterly resented him for having taken up too much of their mother’s attention and resources.



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To Tony’s straight and narrow mind of building houses and playing football Charles is a self-absorbed chatter-box with no sense of responsibility and awareness of others, and his friends are a bunch of ‘freaks’. What can brothers do when they are like chalk and cheese?


He seems to have mended his ways and becomes friendly with his brother’s friends but there still seems to be a hidden agenda. Has this leopard changed his spots? Is he concerned for his brother or is he using this as an excuse to get closer to Catherine, his brother’s attractive best friend? A lot has happened for him since Conditions – find out.  



When Charles and Tony’s mother dies the estranged brothers must struggle to pick up the pieces, particularly so given that one of them is mentally challenged and the other bitter about his place within the family. The conflict is drawn out over materialistic issues, but there are other underlying problems which go to the heart of what it means to be part of a family which, in one way or another. has cast one aside. Prejudice, misconceptions and the human condition in all forms feature in this contemporary drama revolving around a group of people who attend the subsequent funeral at the British South Coast. Meet flamboyant gardener Charles, loner Simon, selfless psychic Elaine, narcissistic body-builder Edgar, Martha and her version of unconditional love and many others as they try to deal with the event and its aftermath.

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CONDITIONED dives back into the world of gardener Charles, his friends and the state of his mental health – one year on. We meet loner Simon and his battle with the outside world, co-dependent Martha and her abusive husband Clive, neurotic poet Catherine on the verge of getting married, Tony, who finds his strange brother Charles a challenge, psychic Elaine looking for a new direction in life and quirky widow Sarah Roseberg who has a go at sorting out all of their problems.
CONDITIONS aimed to sensitise readers and make them think about tolerance and acceptance.
CONDITIONED wants readers to look beyond their attitude towards Conditions and examine what we all do and what we can do to overcome our challenges. The sequel is another snapshot of this circle of friends. Some will have improved their lives, others will not.

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