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Source: They called her Tante Anna | Elisabeth Marrion

They called her Tante (Aunty) Anna          060 Anna Essinger a German Jewish Educator, fearing for the wellbeing of her pupils moved her Boarding School in 1933, from Herrlingen in Germany to Otterden in Kent in England. She undertook the journey with 66 of her students. There she established the Bunce Court School. Bunce School In November 1938, after the burning of the Synagogues in Germany Anna established a reception centre for Jewish Children leaving Germany, Austria and Hungry, at Dovercourt Bay Holiday camp near Harwich. Some 10 000 children arrived at that camp until the outbreak of World War II. Many of them just in the clothes they were wearing or carrying only a paper bag with their few belongings. The first arrivals were 194 children from a Jewish Orphanage in Berlin. This movement was later referred to as ‘The ‘Kindertransport’ For many of them Anna had to find foster homes. Some of the children she took with her to live at her school.

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