A great interview with the amazing author Elisabeth Marrion – I’m a big fan

Source: A LITERARY WORLD: An Interview with Elisabeth Marrion – Kathryn Gauci


Author Interview with Elisabeth Marrion.


Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author, Elisabeth Marrion, to A Literary World. Elisabeth’s first book in her trilogy, subtitled unbroken bonds, was published in spring 2013. In such a short space of time she has received numerous awards. Her second book, ‘Liverpool Connection’, won the B.R.A.G. Silver Medal in August 2015, and her second, was short-listed for the HNS Indie Award 2015 and was a semi-finalist in the M.M. Bennetts Award for historical fiction. A great achievement.

Thank you for joining us today, Elisabeth.

1. Where do you live?

Hi, Kathryn, thank you for letting me take part in your new interview section on your blog. I live in the South of England now. I came over to England in 1969 from Germany. My intention was just to stay for a year, then another, then another, then another. You get the drift, I am still here.

2. Can you tell us what your novels are about and what inspired you to write them?

I wanted to tell my mother’s story for years, but my brothers and sisters were not too keen that I tell our family saga. I thought it best to write it anyway ( yes) , just for them initially. But then I realized not many people outside Germany know what family life was like for Germans, before, during, and just after WWII. After I told my mother’s story in ‘The Night I danced with Rommel’ I needed to tell my father’s story, who after all bombed my home town just before the end of the war and then later on was stationed there, helping to rebuild it again.

The Night I danced with Rommel

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