I loved the first book and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. The book doesn’t start with Colin Preston, which was a big surprise. Lindsey tells us about an attack on her in Manhattan, which gets her to leave the city and return to her more rural and coastal home. Her new job brings back her philandering ex-boyfriend Karl, who split up with her for her benefit. Now he wants her back. Enter Colin Preston, a wonderful character.
With serious undertones about environmental issues and personal character development this is a delightful romantic novel. Very recommendable.

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10335409“Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled” by Bert Murray is a great coming of age story set on a campus in the 1980s. Colin Preston, a very likeable and interesting main character dates a very attractive but difficult girl and some of his friends have also a lot of baggage and issues that impact on Colin’s life. For example Chester with his psychological problems and cocky Karl who turns into a love rival.

The student life is a great background for the growing up that the characters have to do; anybody who was around at that time will appreciate the many witty references of cinematic and musical nature.
The book took me down my own memory lane and astonished me with its authentic feel of those days. I found the style to be warm and charming in many ways but without ever making the more serious notes feel out of place. It reads as realistic as a memoir with engaging characters and multiple plotlines.
A real treat.