Re-blog: Bookbub Insights: Increase Sales of Standalone Books


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Nicholas C. Rossis is running a series of excellent posts on his blog about Bookbub promotions:
Here is a re-blog of one of them:

Bookbub Insights: Increase Sales of Standalone Books

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksI often mention that promoting stand-alone books requires completely different strategies to promoting a series. Marketing strategies, like the highly effective tactic of making one book permafree as a gateway into a series, won’t work for stand-alones. So, how does one go about that?

Bookbub Partners has the answer here. Continuing my Bookbub Insightsseries of posts, here are 6 ways to increase sales of stand-alone books.

1. Cross-promote your standalone title in similar books

Cross-promotion isn’t just for books in a series. Standalone books present just as big of an opportunity to gain loyal fans. If readers fall in love with your writing style, or the way you build tension, or the elegance of your descriptions, or the steaminess of your romance scenes, they’ll seek out your other books, whether your characters from this book continue their story or not. In fact, over 60 percent of readers have purchased other books by an author they discovered through an ebook price promotion.

Make it easy for readers to discover your standalone books by promoting them in your other standalones’ back matter. If you have a large backlist, feature books from the same genre or the ones you think fans of that book would enjoy.

Here are some more Bookbub resources to help you learn how to do this:

Follow this link for the full article:

Source: Bookbub Insights: Increase Sales of Standalone Books


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