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Getting dogs out of kill shelters | The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap.

All profit from Paulette’s books got to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center – Support No Kill Animal Shelters (

This was posted by Paulette Mahurin’s friend Michelle Gent in the U.K. It’s too precious not to share and poignant that they were separated. And who says dogs don’t have emotions?

“This brother and sister dual, Xena and Zach, were rescued from a kennel, but separately. One day the owners were walking the dogs, and they ran into each other … still wearing the hankies from the kennel around their necks. This is how they greeted each other.”

All profits from all Paulette’s books are going to get dogs like this out of kill shelters.

The paperback of To Live Out Loud should be out in a week.

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