CK8D7mcWUAA5LD6Today is the last day of voting for the finals of’s
50 self-published books worth reading. Me and several friends of mine are nominated. If you have a moment to spare we’d appreciate your support. Remember you can vote up to three times per category…

Nominees are in each Category:

Anna Celeste Burke Love a Foot Above the Ground11817189_10152843596117132_2087876032367331340_n
Sarah-Jane Butfield Our Frugal Summer
Abby VanDiver Bed and Breakfast Bedlam

Linda Watkins Return to Monteguas Island

Before Time by Xuneira J.
Jackie Williams : SIlence of Scandal
Lynn Cooper Cupcake Cutie
Dianne Harmann Murder In Cottage 6
Stefania Mattana: Pull The Trigger
Jinx Schwartz: Just Needs Killing
The Healer
 by me

Lucinda E Clark: Amie, an African adventure
At the End of the Line by Kathryn Longino
Little Big Boy by Max Power
Spilt Milk by Deborah Kassidy
In Search of a Revolution by me

Thank you 🙂

cropped-in-search-of-vote-2.jpg Coastal Cottage Cover Inked Image_2healer-vote2 11817189_10152843596117132_2087876032367331340_n Cupcake Cutie