Ostpreussischer Flüchtlingstreck 1945

My next Work In Progress in a historical novel set in Poland and Germany during WW2.

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Ludwika is the story of a young Polish woman in Germany during and after WW2.


Hers is one of many stories of displaced people whose lives were so forcefully disrupted by German and Russian wrong-doings and International politics.

It is based on true events, filling in the (large) gaps where the facts could not be reliably established.
My initial involvement (before writing the story) was to help Ludwika’s children find those missing parts in her life story.Lud 2
The (often frustrating) research to find answers to their questions helped to create this fictional/ fractional account of a life and my vision of a woman I have never met.

If you would like to beta-read my first complete draft and give me feedback on the story please contact me via twitter @CFFBooks or leave a comment on this post.

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