A real treat for fans of historical fiction. Jana Petken’s new book set during the Spanish Inquisition was a real eye opener for me.

Jana Petken

My new novel, The Errant Flock, is purely fictional, and set against the backdrop of The Spanish Inquisition. I found the subject fascinating and disturbing, so much so, I was in danger of wanting to cram factual data into the story. I didn’t. Instead, I allowed the fiction to overshadow historical facts and figures, but at the same time I incorporated various situations for my characters, some, which I believe, could have taken place during this terrible period. Cover Idea7

During research I was astonished by how politically and financially motivated the Inquisition was. Every book and document I studied, I found evidence of a Spanish Monarchy using the Inquisition to change Spain’s racial and political landscape, secure revenues by confiscation of money, property, and personal possessions of prisoners, and abusing their power on a grand scale. I was also surprised to find that the Inquisition did bring certain order to towns that were blindly persecuting suspected heretics, Jews, Muslims, and converts, without…

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