ball-419199__180Each of your tweets only reaches a fraction of your followers. One way to reach a wider audience on twitter is the re-tweeting culture. People re-tweet tweets whose contents are related to their own, a favour that often is returned by the other party. I’ve been amazed at the kindness and curtesy you can find on twitter.

Many authors have started doing this in more organised (and less time consuming) ways by uniting with other authors on Facebook in tweet groups where they share each other’s tweets in daily reciprocal threads.

In reality it works something like this:

Someone creates a post in a particular FB tweet group. That post becomes the thread for that day and is open for 24 hours. Each author leaves a comment with a link to a tweet
Each participatant will retweet all the tweets in those comments on that day in exchange for their tweet being tweeted by everyone else.
The result is that you reach a much wider audience, i.e. the combined followership of all tweeters that day, in exchange for tweeting the other tweets to your audience/ followership.
The tweet groups are of different types: Some are unspecific in their content restrictions because they try to find the largest possible audience (every person on twitter can be a reader and be interested in your tweet; also: the more re-tweets, the more important becomes your tweet to twitter and it gets shown to more followers)

mascot-48563__180Others are very restrictive regarding to content as they want to find only a very

specific audience.

(This means they allow only content that is strictly limites to for example PG rated, Christian, erotic, historical etc.)

In the first type of groups you need to compromise in what content you are prepared to tweet for others but your own tweet can go viral and reach far places.

In the latter group you reach images (5)only a smaller number but one that is the most relevant, specific and probably the most interested followership. i.e. fans and readers of ‘clean’, Christian, historical novels, erotic novels etc.


Since I write historical novels I have created such a small specific group for historical novelists on Facebook. If you write historical novels feel free to join here

I’m also administrator for other tweet groups with specific and wider target audiences.

I believe that the sharing culture on twitter has contributed a lot to my success as author. If you are a team player, are on Facebook and would like to take part in these programmes, please leave a comment here with your FB profile, send me a message and friend request on Facebook
or tweet your FB profile to @CFFBooks so I can friend you.