11705837_967531943267360_280957472_oToday I’m putting the spotlight on Lesley Hayes who was instrumental in pulling the anthology together (as its editor-in-chief) and who was intrinsically involved in making it happen.

“You’re Not Alone” an anthology in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care is available for pre-order and will be released on July 11.

The paperback version is already available!

Twenty-seven writers from around the world, including myself have entered an assortment of short stories for your pleasure, show your support by liking the new page on Facebook and expressing an interest in buying the book.

You’ll find the book on your Amazon for per-order via these links: http://smarturl.it/YoureNotAloneAnth http://bookshow.me/B00Y5RCOOE

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And here is the fund, in loving memory of Pamela Mary Winton


Lesley-Author I have already interviewed Lesley on this blog, so please follow this link to her fascinating answers. I am a big fan of her work: I have read several of her books – with much of her other work waiting on my kindle.
Lesley writes in different genres and all of her books have a great literary quality to it. I just want everyone to notice and read them.

She’s making it particularly tempting by having her story collections –
Not Like Other People http://bit.ly/15YnEnJ and
Without a Safety Net http://bit.ly/1DjWqSY both at £1.99 until 27th July.

So here are my reviews of her work:

“The Drowned Phoenician Sailor” by Lesley Hayes is a remarkable book and a real treat. Character driven and with focus on their development this is just my type of novel. The reader is allowed to get insight into the thoughts and background of the protagonists through the analytical and reflective narrative that provides substance and much food for thought. 21245885 A huge fan of novels that use psychology and / or spiritualist themes I was extremely happy to find both of these themes in this novel. We witness a few months in the life of Fynn/ Fiona during which she has contact with the dead, namely her sister and her psychologist, while she also meets a man and learns to loosen up a little. Partaking in her development has been a privilege, thanks to the sensitive and yet entertaining writing skills of the author. For me the most enjoyable parts were the many great discussions between the characters. It’s the sort of book to read with a pen in your hand to underline the many wonderful lines you wish to remember and write down later. Full of insight in human nature and psychology and full of warmth this is a treasure to cherish for me.

until 13th July The Drowned Phoenician Sailor is at £1.99 (that’s $3.10)  http://bit.ly/1KAT1X1

“A Field beyond Time” by Lesley Hayes is a deep and complex novel of great literary quality. It is a neatly woven story consisting of two narratives, aided by journal writing, memories, thoughtful and analytical reflection and even dreams. 22852513 Very empathetic and full of depth and character development this novel reels you into its core as the characters reveal more and more about their past and themselves. Daniel is a UK based psychotherapist with a marriage falling apart, burdened by secrets and dishonesty. The writing here is sharp and sensitive, providing great psycho-analytical insights and depth. Mira, a lesbian artist living in the States, is on her own personal journey to uncover secrets and find the truth. I had no idea how these two separate stories would connect but it almost didn’t matter as I was so hypnotised and spellbound by the intense look at the protagonists and their unique situations. What will be revealed and brings all strive to ahead is, however, very rewarding and proves this to be a fascinating and intriguing book. Original, intelligent and well-crafted this is maybe not always an easy read but one to treasure for exactly that reason.

From 13th – 20th July A Field Beyond Time will be reduced to £1.99. http://bit.ly/UrraBL

“Round Robin” by Lesley Hayes is a wonderful read about a ten year old boy, somewhat anxious and fearful when we meet him first and a boy whom you can’t help feel for from page one. Secrets are revealed, truths need to be confronted, changes are being made and values are being challenged. It’s a tough world sometimes but not everything that changes needs to be bad. 24619818 Skilfully plotted and written with great literary quality this is an amazing story that grabs you from the beginning. The characters and their stories stayed with me for a long time and I found a lot of fantastic quotes at the end of the book that I want to remember. A thoughtful and entertaining read with some beautiful messages and values and such great feel to it – even when the going gets tough. Excellent!

From 20th – 27th July Round Robin will be reduced to £1,99. http://bit.ly/1QcJqnY

Connect with Lesley here:

Website: http://www.lesleyhayes.co.uk
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Lesley-Hayes/e/B00HR65DES Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/157854.Lesley_Hayes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hayes_lesley
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesley.hayes.author

Lesley HayLesley Hayeses was born in Deptford, in South East London, in 1948, and started writing almost as soon as she could talk. Her first story was published when she won a literary competition at the age of 13. Between 1966 and 1992 she was regularly and prolifically published in literary and women’s magazines, writing stories, serials and articles, and in 1986 had a novel published called ‘Keeping Secrets’. For the following two years she had a weekly slot on BBC Radio Oxford reading her short stories, and in 1999 a collection of linked stories called ‘Oxford Marmalade’ was brought out on audiotape, read by the actress Susanna Dawson. Her son and daughter, born respectively in 1969 and 1971, helped her throughout these years to keep her feet on the ground and her sense of humour alive and well and occasionally kicking. In 1990 she came to the conclusion that continuing to write about the fascinating vagaries of the human condition just wouldn’t be enough, and for the next four years she trained to become an integrative psychotherapist. Her long and successful career as a psychotherapist over the ensuing years took her away from fiction writing, but brought quite different rewards. It was a fork in the road she never once regretted taking, and she was aware of using many of same creative skills and insights. During the past five years the compelling urge to write fiction has again emerged, and she has given in gracefully to the inevitable return to her first love. Her novels ‘A Field Beyond Time’ and ‘The Drowned Phoenician Sailor’ are available on kindle, along with three collections of short stories: ‘The Oscar Dossier’,’Without a Safety Net’ and the aptly named ‘Not Like Other People.’ As you might expect, now that the genie has once again escaped from the bottle, more will soon follow.