RIPTIDEKINDLE-4I’ve hugely enjoyed Bert Murray’s first book, “Colin Preston Rocked and Rolled” (a great coming of age story set on a campus in the 1980s – a review for it can be found at the end of this post).

I immediately contacted Bert to come for an interview on my blog but he was too busy to write his next book – until now, that “Through the Riptide: Colin Preston Book II” has been released. I cannot wait to get my hands on that book.

Here is the blurb, followed by an interview with Bert:An attractive thirty year old professional woman leaves NYC after being attacked there and finds a new job by the seashore. She has to decide whether she will date her ex-boyfriend or a mysterious new man she meets on a bus ride. Filled with passion, emotion, romance and the excitement of a summer by the sea…

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Question: Tell us about your new novel, Through the Riptide.
It is the story of a thirty year old NYC public relations professional in crisis. She’s had it with Manhattan and decides to find a new job by the beach in the Hamptons. She has to decide whether she will continue dating an old boyfriend or begin dating a mysterious new man that she meets on a bus ride.
Question: What are the Hamptons like?
The Hamptons are a playground for the rich and famous in the NYC area. It is more than a two hour drive to get there from Manhattan. Stunning beaches, great restaurants and quaint seaside towns. It is a total change of atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of NYC for the main character, Lindsey. The Hamptons are also an interesting place because there is a struggle going on between developers who want to build more homes and environmentalists who want to preserve the natural beauty of the land in these historic seaside villages.
Question: Some of the characters form your first novel, Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled, are back in this new book?
Yes, this is the sequel to my first book and most of the major characters are back including Colin Preston who is the main character in the first book. However, all of the characters are now twenty years older and most are thirtysomethings in the new book. In the first book most of the characters were teenagers at college.
Question: What type of readers do you think would enjoy the new book?
Anyone, who likes a good love story will enjoy it. It is a real summer beach read. Also, readers who like books about relationships, friendship and dating will find it appealing.
Question: What type of books do you like to read yourself?
I’m always reading something. I read a wide range of genres. But my favorite type of book to read is realistic fiction. My all time favorites are Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.
Question: How do you like being an indie author?
I love the freedom to write about what I want. There is no publishing company to tell me what topic or theme I should focus on. The marketing aspect requires a lot of time and hard work. However, all the effort is worth it when I see reviews from readers telling me they really enjoyed one of my books. I am also very excited that many public libraries in the United States have added Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled to their collections. Many major city public libraries (NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Portland, Tampa) and many others have purchased the book. And in some cases (Queens in NYC and Rochester, NY) they have added the novel to seven or more branch libraries as well. I think this is a great time to be an indie author. Amazon has opened the doors for anybody who has a great story to tell. Indie authors can now reach millions of readers all over the world with their books and that’s amazing.
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10335409“Colin Preston Rocked And Rolled” by Bert Murray is a great coming of age story set on a campus in the 1980s. Colin Preston, a very likeable and interesting main character dates a very attractive but difficult girl and some of his friends have also a lot of baggage and issues that impact on Colin’s life. For example Chester with his psychological problems and cocky Karl who turns into a love rival.

The student life is a great background for the growing up that the characters have to do; anybody who was around at that time will appreciate the many witty references of cinematic and musical nature.
The book took me down my own memory lane and astonished me with its authentic feel of those days. I found the style to be warm and charming in many ways but without ever making the more serious notes feel out of place. It reads as realistic as a memoir with engaging characters and multiple plotlines.
A real treat.