Book 4 of the Legends of the Winged Scarab

“The Crystal Curse” by Inge H Borg is great fun to read, an action-packed and yet thoughtful thriller, set in an apocalyptical world. Egyptologist Naunet Wilkins, her scientist husband Jonathan and a few friends are on a boat with ancient artefacts when they become captured by pirates.
Borg does an excellent job at exploring what makes us civilised and advanced as cultures by off setting primitive modern behaviour with the relicts of a more evolved culture from the planet’s past.
Her characters are colourful and make for some very enjoyable reading, while the thrilling plot is strong, full of suspense and moves at a fast pace.
Everything in this book is well researched, from sailing jargon to the ancient cultures. I don’t often go for futuristic and post-apocalyptic settings but here it works very well and left me in awe of the clever and thoughtful writing.

The story starts off in Tenerife (Canary Islands), stops for a “conference” on Malta, on to Crete (again) and winds up in the Lost Labyrinth of Egypt, where El-Hanash, the Crystal Snake, coils for those who defy The Crystal Curse. Lots of good guys from the previous books; lots of bad guys to spice up the action and adventure, and-of course-the Ancient Golden Tablets, together with some “wondrous” crystals.

Inge’s Beta-readers called it the “best one yet.” As a story, the novel stands alone – but you would be missing a lot of exciting back-story without the other books in the series.

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