23150209“One Night in the Hill Country,” by Felipe Adan Lerma is a short and dark thriller about a woman and her four young cousins. Out on a harmless journey they are getting into serious trouble when stopping at the vineyard of two somewhat dubious siblings. Under their influence our young heroes end up being used as human baits in an attempt to catch child abusers.
Tackling issues such as child abuse and illegal immigration the book throws in some interesting thoughts and reflective notes while keeping the suspense going with an intense and urgent writing style. With its fast pace and gripping storyline the book delivers some serious entertainment.
Very impressive.

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Thriller-Suspense Novella.

Approx 30,000 words.

Approx 120 pages.

Story Overview
In short swift moving chapters, Sam (Samantha) takes four young cousins out to the Texas Hill Country. The two boys are looking for a lost kitten. The two tween girls are looking. And Sam is, well, isn’t sure what she’s looking for. But she’s going to find it.

Humorous, touching, suspenseful.

Sam is featured in numerous short stories, including the crime mystery, “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin.” Four of the young cousins from that story are in this novella.

Sam also narrates some of her own early years to the children in several short stories set in Vermont, including the mystery, “Hello, Darling.”

In this story, a novella, Sam encounters her first true challenge in Texas. Probably more than she wanted