Here is another excerpt from my new novel THE GAMBLERS

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The blurb:

It is the story of Ben Andrews a shy accountant who becomes obsessed with numbers and luck.

When he wins the Lottery and becomes rich over night his life changes, but not necessarily in the ways he had thought.

Who can he trust, now that he’s rich? How should Ben build his new life?
Still frugal and determined not to waste his money unnecessarily he unexpectedly falls under the spell of a charismatic and seductive Russian poker player, named Mirco. They share a passion for gambling but this fascination remains ambiguous for Ben.

What follows for Ben becomes a gamble with trust, corruption and ‘betting on the right horse’.  


A stewardess gently touched him on the shoulder. He took a double take: she looked stunning. Blonde, voluptuous and with the most pretty face imaginable, she smiled in an observant yet congenial way at him.
“Mr Andrews, we are about to close the duty-free bar soon,” she said in what sounded like an apology. “Was there anything you would like to have a look at before we do so? I’m so sorry to trouble you. It’s because of customs regulations that we have to rush you.” download (9)
He bathed in the beautiful view. She seemed intimidated and nervous, clearly one of the newer staff, in her twenties and still excitable and energetic. The three men who had served him in this cabin were much older and more jaded in their professional and confident approach to customers.
“Na,” he said. “I’m good. I’ve not seen anything spectacular in your brochure.”
He looked for her name badge but she wasn’t wearing one. He would have to ask the purser to get it so Ben could write a recommendation to the airline. The girl was very sweet and had already brightened up his trip.
“Are you sure?” she asked, sounding surprised. “So close before Christmas, maybe you need a last-minute present for your girlfriend… or partner?” she said and looked at him almost flirtatiously.
Ben grinned. He remembered the last time he had travelled to New York. It had been quite a few years ago and he was sitting at the rear of the plane. The stewardess in his section had been a middle-aged woman who seemed drained of joy and who sat at the back of the jumbo as if to hide from her passengers and their heinous demands. She had not even looked at him when she asked him what he wanted to drink and had rushed through the cabin hoping people would leave her alone. This woman was different and he appreciated it. images (8)
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Wendy,” she replied. “Wendy Chisholm.”
“I don’t need any gifts, Miss Chisholm,” he said. “Thank you so much for caring.”
“Nobody calls us crew by our surnames,” she said. “Maybe you could find something for yourself then,” she added and looked him directly in the eyes. Was she a sales person desperate for a commission or was she trying to prolong their conversation? He felt it was the latter and couldn’t resist the temptation. It had been a long time since he had the attention of such a pretty woman. He put his TV screen away.
“Please sit down, Wendy,” he said, pointing to the foot stool.
“Oh no,” she blurted and looked away coyly. “We’re not supposed to sit with passengers. How inappropriate would that look…?” she asked, smiling like a naughty schoolgirl.
He couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was coming on to him. That didn’t usually happen. She was perfect: Everything he liked in a girl, the right age for him, too – just a few years younger than his 31. She was also way out of his league. He was the shy and unpopular type of man with a tall bony frame and no features that anyone ever mentioned as particularly attractive. If she was after the money of a First-Class passenger she could have her pick of them. There was a guy at the front of the cabin who looked like a movie star and would be much better suited for her.
Ben had paused while thinking about her possible motives, so she broke the silence that had come between them.
“Please forgive me for saying this, but your watch, for example, looks really old and tired. I think you could do with a new one,” she said and opened the relevant page in the brochure.
“Stop pestering the man,” Tom the purser suddenly interrupted the conversation as he joined them to prepare Ben’s table for the meal. On his tray he brought linen, china and silverware. Ben marvelled at the luxury.
Wendy shrugged and turned to leave.
“Wait,” Ben said. “Show me what you had in mind, please.” He turned to the purser. “She’s not pestering me at all, Tom. Wendy here is most helpful. In fact, scrap my dinner plans if you could and just bring me a few bread rolls. If it’s alright with you I will monopolise this charming lady instead and make use of her skills as a saleswoman.”
The purser bowed slightly. “As you wish, Mr Andrews,” he said and withdrew to the galley, where Ben thought he could hear him rant something at his colleagues.
“I can’t stay long,” Wendy said. “I’ll be needed at the back for the second meal service.”
“Let Tom do that for you,” Ben said, nodding at the curtain to the First-Class galley. “You’ll be needed here,” he added and winked at her. “Which of those watches do you think I should get?”
Wendy made a few suggestions. ad5_sm
“Your dark hair and the pale skin… I think you’d suit a classic leather design best,” she said, and took his old watch off his wrist. Her touch was very forward. Of course, cabin crew were known to be people persons and often lacked boundaries. It was what made them so much fun to be with to some, and so intimidating to others.
Wendy chatted away about her plans for New York, the places to eat, shop and party and she made no moves to settle the sale and return to the back until Tom the purser interrupted.
“It’s not long before landing,” he said to Wendy. “They’ll need you down the back now.”
“What about my watch?” Ben asked him to delay her departure from the cabin.
“I’ll finish the sale,” Tom said, and Wendy pointed out what Ben had chosen. Ben had also asked to see a necklace and a few other items. Unwilling to let her go just yet, Ben asked Wendy to recommend an aftershave for him.
Tom shook his head. “You’ve got to go now,” he said to Wendy. “They’ll be looking for you, soon.”
“Of course,” she said without moving.
Ben pointed at the necklace.
“I want to get that for you, Wendy. You deserve something for making my day,” he said, even if it was just an act to sell goods and get out of that dreaded second meal service, which he assumed she had missed by now.
“I don’t think I can accept this,” she said embarrassed. Tom whispered something into her ear.
“Ok, thank you,” Wendy exclaimed. “Tom says it’s okay to accept gifts. Many, many thanks.”
“In that case, would you be so kind and get the necklace before Wendy has to leave?” Ben stated more than asked. “I would like to write down her restaurant recommendations before I can let her go.”
“Off course, Sir,” Tom said, gritting his teeth and left. Wendy repeated the points of interest she had mentioned earlier and Ben scribbled them down on the menu. As she left Ben kept looking at her. He knew the other stewards were watching him, but he didn’t care. Ben had to saviour this precious moment.



Ben is an insecure accountant obsessed with statistics, gambling and beating the odds. When he wins sixty-four million in the lottery he finds himself challenged by the possibilities that his new wealth brings.

He soon falls under the influence of charismatic Russian gambler Mirco, whom he meets on a holiday in New York. He also falls in love with a stewardess, Wendy, but now that Ben’s rich he finds it hard to trust anyone. As both relationships become more dubious, Ben needs to make some difficult decisions and figure out who’s really his friend and who’s just in it for the money.

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“Very Unforgettable Read” – “One of the best-in-class books I’ve ever read in this sub-genre”

– “Touching thriller that raises many profound questions.”

– “Multi-layered, multifaceted, expertly credible psychological thriller”

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Short Biography:

Christoph Fischer was born in Germany, near the Austrian border, as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. Not a full local in the eyes and ears of his peers he developed an ambiguous sense of belonging and home in Bavaria. He moved to Hamburg in pursuit of his studies and to lead a life of literary indulgence. After a few years he moved on to the UK where he now lives in a small town in West Wales.  He and his partner have three Labradoodles to complete their family.

Christoph worked for the British Film Institute, in Libraries, Museums and for an airline. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ was published in November 2012; ‘Sebastian’ in May 2013 and The Black Eagle Inn in October 2013. “Time To Let Go” , his first contemporary work was published in May 2014, and “Conditions” in October 2014. His medical thriller “The Healer” was released in January 2015 and his latest historical novel “In Search of a Revolution” in March 2015.

He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.







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