Feature on a very talented writer and blogger, Olga Nunez Miret. Interesting interview and a great body of work to check out. 🙂

The Bingergread Cottage

You may remember that I had the most amazing good fortune to have coffee with an on-line friend in Barcelona recently. She is so interesting that I wanted her to come and chat with the rest of you, as she did with us. I have found my French doppelgänger in the UK but now my Catalan one too. Olga has lived in England as long as I have in France so we swapped stories of being “foreign”! 

Olga, darling – step off the magic carpet and give me a big hug. Lily remembers you and wants a fuss and I’m sure Badger will be in shortly with some drinks.

Tell us – you are a forensic psychiatrist. What is that? What do you do?Escaping Psychiatry final

First, thanks so much for having me at your cottage. I’ve enjoyed all the visitors you’ve had so far and I loved meeting you and your…

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