20407756Today I am pleased to introduce “Wandering Feelings” by Boyko Ovcharov. I met Boyko online via an author support group. I was swept away when I checked ouy his book. It is written in the most beautiful, lyrical and entrancing style. Carefully chosen words take you deep into the two characters and their love story between Sofia and London.
The book raises many relevant questions about true love and the perfect connection but also makes you think about the meaning of every day life. The book has a poetic and sensual feel to it that makes it stand out from more factual and purely prosaic story telling. Much is hinted at and could be missed by just falling into the flow of words.
In that sense this can be as demanding a read as it is captivating and rewarding.
A wonderful break from the bold and mundane and a very talented writer.

Interview with Boyko 6885811

Tell us a little about your writing history:

I have always dreamed about writing, even at a very early stage. However, I got round to writing my first book in my mid thirties, as by that time I had gained some life experience and perhaps a bit of wisdom which I could share with my potential readers, especially in English. Before writing my first book, no one had ever told me before I could become a writer. Nevertheless, after publishing a couple of books at Amazon/Createspace, I received several good reviews – something that was both encouraging and motivating.

Tell us about your writing:

I usually love the ‘inter-disciplinary’ approach – probably due to my scientific/academic background. Nevertheless, I always try to narrow my writing approach down to a few specific genres, where I might discover my strength as an Indie author.

Overall, my writing style is a bit philosophical, and yet down-to-earth; emotional to some extent, and at the same time focusing on reason (thought-provoking) ‘behind the scenes’ without imposing any unnecessary guidance.

I definitely allow my characters’ thoughts and actions to speak for themselves. Some of my readers even told me they could easily find themselves within the plot, identify themselves with some of the characters’ features, so to speak – that is one thing I may be proud of.

Tell us about your life outside of writing:

I am a lecturer in business and English outside my writing, which helps me a lot by discussing my work with my students. Everyday, I like having a good laugh with my students and colleagues, without crossing the fine line of mutual respect/tolerance, of course.

Who would you like to invite for dinner:

I would like to invite all my close fellow writers around the world who have been so supportive and helpful all the way.

Could you chose a song to go with your book?

Actually, I quote a song in my second book (Wandering Feelings), which is a folk song from the Balkans telling a dramatic story about love/romance. I also refer the readers to some love songs with a deep meaning, e.g. by Coldplay, some classical compositions etc.

Who are your favourite writers?

I could quote a few of them, for example: Dickens, Cronin, Shakespeare, Ben Johnson (the playwright), Moliere, Bergerac, Fitzgerald, John Grisham, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle etc.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on an adventure, somewhat sci-fi, even dystopian novel, which I am planning to publish by the end of this year, as I am still at the beginning of it, although I have got a relatively clear picture of the plot, characters and the whole story.
Something that is worth noting down regarding my 2nd book is that although it is within the genres of literature and fiction, it is based on a true story about human desire for freedom.
The book reads as a good travel story with a sense of culture and a pinch of subtle humor amidst drama as well. I suppose it touches on some innermost feelings of the human soul, both within the specific setting of Europe (West-East) and beyond, i.e. past and present.
As for filming it and making it into a play or script, several hundred readers have already expressed their approval of that. I guess, as a movie, it would definitely appeal to people who have a free spirit, open-mindedness, and above all, are true humans. It might make a deep, psychological and dramatic romantic/love story, which involves some social, cultural and historic aspects.
Boyko Georgiev Ovcharov is an MBA graduate of the University of Buckingham, the United Kingdom (2002). In 2003 he also completed his scientific (MPhil) research work in the field of ICT in view of societal and economic change at the same academic institution. Besides, he holds a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria (1999). Regarding his professional experience, Mr. Ovcharov has been working for more than 10 years now, including managerial posts within the Business Development Departments at some international ICT companies in Bulgaria. At present, he is a full-time lecturer in management and marketing, business and general English for students and professionals, involving preparatory courses for exams and certificates, such as: SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, FCE, CAE, CPE etc. Life after Life has been Boyko’s first/debut book, whereas Wandering Feelings is his second one, a heartfelt novel. Yet, in the near future he envisages publishing some more and bigger titles due to the fairly good reception so far. Acknowledgements to all people who have encouraged this author!