24998132There are three sides to every story. Take a mental image, Divide it three ways, You’ll read all the angles in… Triptychs * This collection includes 20 short stories, four poems, and eight original photographs. *


“Triptychs (Mind’s Eye Series Book 3)” is a wonderful and fascinating anthology. This one is based on a series of photographs that were randomly given to the authors as inspiration for their stories. One of the most rewarding parts of this experiment is for the reader to view the picture and have their own ideas what the stories might be, only to see how different we all view the world.
The stories range wide in scope and show great talent. Some of the authors I knew and appreciated already from their individual work, such as Eden Baylee and Maria Savva, while others look likely to become new favourites, such as Jason McIntyre and J Michael Radcliff.
I enjoyed all of the stories and will keep an eye out for the rest of the series. This is high quality reading.

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