P.C. Zick has tagged me to participate in a “Work in Progress” blog tour. Check her post about “Third Base” at http://pczick.com/2015/03/10/work-in-progress-blog-tour/ images (13)

The “Work in Progress” blog tour rules:

Link back to the post of the person who nominated you.

Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current work-in-progress. Some writers give more than the first sentences, and I like that idea, too.

Nominate some other writers to do the same.

So here is my Work in Progress: download (4)“THE GAME PLAN” or “THE DEATH BOX” are both current working titles for this thriller, coming out later this spring.
It is the story of Ben Mendelson, a shy accountant who becomes obsessed with numbers and luck.

When he wins the Lottery download (3)and becomes rich over night his life changes, but not necessarily in the ways he had thought.

Who can he trust, now that he’s rich? How should Ben build his new life?
Still frugal and determined not to waste his money unnecessarily he unexpectedly falls under the spell of a charismatic and seductive Russian poker player, named Mirco. They share a passion for gambling but this fascination remains ambiguous for Ben.

What follows for Ben becomes a gamble with trust, corruption and ‘betting on the right horse’.  images (14)

Here are the beginnings of the first three chapters:

Chapter 1

Ben Mendelsohn stretched out comfortably in a first class seat on his flight from London to New York. He looked outside the window and could see the sun shining brightly over a cloudless winter landscape somewhere over Canada. The beautiful snowy countryside got him into a holiday mood, which wasn’t like him at all.

Chapter 2

The next morning Ben got up early to go to the Rockefeller Centre and skate on the ice rink there – as he had planned. The gigantic Christmas tree, the lights and the music, the smell of mulled wine and oranges all made him feel happy. Life was good to him. So what if his ‘luck’ had ended with a one night stand rather than a relationship with Wendy.

Chapter 3 – Atlantic City

At lunchtime the phone went and the receptionist informed Ben that his lift to Atlantic City was waiting in reception.
“I’ll be down as soon as I can,” Ben said, still half asleep. He hadn’t expected that Mirco really would go through with this plan. He had a quick shower and put on his jeans. He had left the lucky Armani suit in the Porsche last night but took his own fine suit with him, just in case.

Dreamcast for this book:images (3)

Ben Mendelsohn: Ewan McGregor

Mirco: Matthew McConaughey download (8)

Wendy: Scarlett Johansen download (9)


 I met P.C. Zick on Goodreads where she asked me to review one of her books. I cautiously agreed and I have been hooked on her thoughtful and skilled writing ever since. We recently joined forces in a multi-author box set, AT ODDS WITH DESTINY

My first nomination is Aaron David, a very talented author whom I met via twitter and social media.download (11)

Aaron David is no stranger to my blog. I take every opportunity as an excuse to bring him back. Check out my previous blog post here. His books are humorous, innovative and never lack depth.

Name: Aaron David.
Age: The wrong side of forty.
Location: Bolton, the north of England.
Occupation: Tradesman and brilliant novelist.
My first novel; “The Tale of the Ancient Marina” is described thus;  

Hilarious, thrilling, moving and repellent in that order, with a heart-stopping chase scene worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Mike, an aimless young man, undertakes a train journey from the north of England to London, on the glimmer of an opportunity, for a job interview. He quickly realizes the job is somehow gang related and scarpers. He later inadvertently meets some of the said gang and scarpers again, heAaron David Marinaading back to the north. Ken, a family man approaching forty and Tony, a really bad baddie become unlikely friends, Ken eventually having to leave the family home and move in with Tony. Two members of the London gang track Mike down in the north with vengeance on their minds. Poor timing as Mike has gone and fallen in love. Add in a hamster infestation, a couple of cold-blooded murders, a European cheese magnate and a clapped out 1979 Morris Marina with an attitude and you have one of the wittiest novels to originate from the UK for some years.

My second novel; “All the Loft Insulation You can Eat” is on it’s way but don’t hold your breath.

My second nomination is a free for all. Comment on this post if you would like to participate and have a work in progress that you would like us to know about.