Thanks PC Zick​ for this great review of The Healer​


The healerThe Healer by Christoph Fischer contains an expansive grab bag of issues found within the confines of the medical community. It attacks pharmaceutical companies, cancer, chemotherapy, traditional Western medicine, and New Age healing techniques. At the center of all the swirling concepts and philosophies stands Erica, who I immediately disliked. However, as her situation is slowly revealed by the author, her aloofness, selfishness, and determination coalesce into a woman desperate to live.

Her willingness to go into the guru-style therapy with the once-famous and now reclusive Arpan shows plenty about her quest. She doesn’t really believe in anything beyond the scientific, so turning herself over to something that requires blind faith in the unseen and untouchable, gave her believability and eventually likability.

The frantic search for a cure-all for the evil cancer drives the plot of this novel through all its gyrations and mysteries. The mystique of Anuj, the disappearance of…

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