cover6As I’ve mentioned a few times by now, my book “The Luck of the Weissensteiners” is part of this boxed set,  At Odds with Destiny, released March 3 and including ten full-length novels. 

I have had review posts about and interviews with P.C. Zick, Uvi Poznansky, Amalie Jahn, Brandt Legg, Aaron Paul Lazar and Janet Morris. Today I want to introduce  another author / book in the Box Set: 

I have had review posts about and interviews with P.C. Zick, Uvi Poznansky, Amalie Jahn, Brandt Legg and Janet Morris. Today I want to introduce another author / book in the Box Set: 

12263164“Pam of Babylon” by Suzanne Jenkins

After Jack dies, his wife Pam discovers secrets and lies. Is she destined to succumb to vengefulness against his two lovers, or will she find a different way forward?

Warning readers! Mature content.

Deemed “an intriguing first novel” by Kirkus Reviews, this poignant tale follows Pam, a beautiful Long Island housewife who learns of her husband’s dark secrets only after his sudden death

Her seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband dies of a heart attack and she comes face to face with his lies and infidelities.

This poignant, affecting drama follows a courageous widow who confronts the horror of a destructive marriage when the people her husband left behind come to share their painful stories.

Here os a 5 star review from Amazon: 5058200

When a book starts from a seemingly perfect place for the character, you know he is not going to stay there long… So when Jack Smith is looking at the face of Sandra, his mistress, thinking “I am the luckiest man alive,” his luck is at its end. Not only would Marie, his wife’s sister, find out about his affair, but he would to live long enough to try to handle the scandal with Pam, his meek, trusting wife.

While he is cheating on her, Pam waits excitedly for his return. “She had the week to prepare for his homecoming… she tried to make it an oasis for him.” Despite her trust in Jack, she knows intuitively that things between them are not quite right. “There was a tiny, itsy bit of doubt, a niggling worry, an insecurity in the back of her mind. He was disconnected from her.”

When she gets a call from the hospital that Jack has died from a heart attack, Pam goes to pieces and then, gradually, reassembles them, finding a new strength in herself. She now learns the truth about him and a few of the women with whom he betrayed her. Sandra, too, goes through grief: “Her life had changed overnight.”

This book is about looking forward to restart life already, even in the presence of death. It is about healing, part of which comes from forgiveness. I know this sounds strange to some readers, who find Pam’s behavior ’too unreal.” Apparently it is easier and perhaps more natural for many of us to succumb to vengefulness. At the same time, this is exactly why this book is so fascinating. It offers a different possibility, a more hopeful one. “There was something about cleaning up, washing everything, that spoke of new beginnings.”

The author, Suzanne Jenkins, stated that she wrote the character as the opposite of herself. “I am at the opposite end of the spectrum of reactions….I wouldn’t be forgiving and embracing.” Yet I feel that by the end of the story Pam inhabits her to such a degree that her words come straight from the heart, gut, and mind.

Five stars.


Suzanne Jenkins lives at the west Michigan lakeshore. She is the author of Pam of Babylon and the series; Don’t You Forget About Me,Dream Lover, Prayers for the Dying, Family Dynamics and The Tao of Pam. The Greeks of Beaubien Street,and The Princess of Greektown from the Greektown Stories, Alice’s Summertime Adventure, The Savant of Chelsea and Someone Like You.…
Twitter @suzannejenkins3

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