Interesting blog post by the very talented Judith Barrow about her writing journey and her Trilogy – highly recommended!

Judith Barrow

I thought I would revisit a time of my life when I despaired of ever being in print. It cheers me up as I agonise over yesterday’s efforts, altering and editing before I can even start with today’s writing and the realisation that one of my lovely characters has a cob on and won’t do as I want her to do. I’ve spent hours trying to persuade her, putting her in different scenarios, story lines. But no, she’s adamnt – she wouldn’t act in that way,

So I’ve gone back to the heady day when I found an agent. And I kept a diary .

Sometime, a long time ago

It’s been  a fortnight since I met with my agent (get me! – and it was in London and she treated me to a meal in a posh restaurant). Carried away with her enthusiasm for my writing, her promises to make me…

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