Marcha's Two-Cents Worth


As a science fiction fan and author myself I absolutely love Ceri London’s work. Her characters are convincing, exciting and charistmatic which, combined with her ability to create a complex mix of science, technology, government intrigue, the military mindset and esoteric subjects, results in a masterful blend of high-powered science fiction. Her “Shimmer in the Dark” series possesses all the suspense and intrigue of my old-time favorite author, Michael Crighton, clearly the stuff that best sellers are made of.

Ceri has recently released “Destiny Nexus,” the sequel to “Rogue Genesis.” I am grateful to have had the privilege of interviewing this up and coming author whose well-thought-out responses provide a glimpse into the mind behind these outstanding novels.

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MF: The “Shimmer in the Dark” series is a masterful blend of high tech, esoteric knowledge, paranormal phenomena, and government conspiracies along with a generous dose of Erich von…

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