My talented friend Travis has done it again. Another smashing Vampire story. My review to follow next week. Enjoy!

The Smutsonian

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about our favorite steamy reads getting movie deals – It seems Hollywood finally got the hint that turning Best Sellers into Box Office Hits isn’t exclusive to YA Fiction – Scripts for several Romantic series are being passed around to film and television producers.

This got us thinking about our favorite series and which ones deserve their time on the silver screen…

One of the first series to come to mind was The Nightlife Series by Travis Luedke. This series is full of badass Vampires, blood, gore, action, and deliciously hot sex – PERFECT for the big screen, so we cornered Travis and asked him an important question: 

If The Nightlife Moscow was turned into a movie – how would you cast your characters?

So grab a bowl of popcorn and get comfortable as Travis Luedke puts faces to all the characters we’ve come to love (or love…

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