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“Murder Most Deadly” by Simon Okill is a fun-filled horror story that will have you in stitches. 23634121

Blurb: “It is an earthy British horror comedy in the style of Carry On, Monty Python, Blackadder all wrapped up in a Hammer Film.

Bianca Penhale, celebrity author, has a dark secret that must be protected at all costs. Her delightful Cornish fishing village is proud to have her, but the gossips have already started. Then Maldini the Magician discovers her secret and blackmails her. This triggers Bianca’s dark side but Maldini has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Bianca’s troubles go viral when her conniving cousin, Hugh, arrives begging for money. His devious antics attract all manner of problems that soon spirals out of control, sending poor Bianca into despair.

And if things weren’t bad enough, she must do battle with witches, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, zombies and Piskies. Bianca’s once cosy life has been turned upside down. Can she hold on to her dark side and survive the onslaught?”

Just like the publicity for this story promises, there is a distinct hint of Hammer Horror in this, although better plotting and characters that are a little more evolved than Hammer occasionally delivered.
Set in Cornwall, which has its own history of ghosts and spook, the story centers around the Bianca and her boyfriend, failed Magician Maldini, who soon turns into an enemy. This murderous and thrilling mayhem will scare you as well as it entertains and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Okill has a unique talent for combining hilarious fun with darker elements and proves that genre crossing can work.
A truly great read and a must for fans of hammer, horror and dark comedies.

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Simon Okill lives with his wife, Shirlee Anne in a pretty coastal town in South Wales, UK. After a serious accident at work, he was forced into early retirement due to disability. Simon used his newfound skills as a writer to help with his depression. His writing became more serious as certain A-list actors expressed interest in his scripts.He is presently working on his teen adventure series Phantom Bigfoot Series.Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again is book #1 of the series where superhero Duane Dexter has to use all his powers to save the day in Big Beaver.Phantom Bigfoot & The Vampettes from Venus is #2 where Duane must use his powers to save Big Beaver from sexy space vampire.Phantom Bigfoot & The Haunted House #3 has Duane outfoxed by a devious spook, full of paranormal romance.

Luna Sanguis is the story of Eternal, a 19 year old woman – an amnesiac vampire treated in an asylum in France 1925.

Luna Aeturnus follows hot on its heels as Eternal must face her dreaded enemy in a battle of the vampires.

SSteppenwolf is a supernatural retelling of WWII involving the Occult Warfare department run by Himmler.

‘Flip Side’ is one of Simon’s most exciting screenplays to date with its unusual slant on a supernatural gangster story that encompasses music and dynamic dance sequences to portray the action. The script has been optioned by Tasha Bertram of Brodie Films and Stuart St Paul has come on board to direct and co produce this fascinating piece of work.

Apart from ‘Flip Side’ Simon has several screenplays all in varying stages of development and predevelopment.

‘Nightmare Circus’ is a supernatural revenge mystery script set in the Australian outback.

‘Dark House’ another of Simon’s screenplays set in Massachusetts, US, where a lonely female artist must overcome her agoraphobia to escape from three kidnappers holed up in a haunted house.

‘Circus of Blood’ is a horror script set in Rome AD79.

‘Hunter’s Moon’ is a contemporary supernatural western script set on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall.

The Last Warlord is set during WWII and tells of Major Stewart of MI6 who must find the Nazi’s secret Atlantis base in Antarctica or the entire world will be doomed. Currently in the hands of a major Hollywood producer.