Today I continue with the story of the editing journey for “Conditions” (after my previous editor Deborah Wall decided to travel the world.)

Armed with Wanda Hartzenberg’s annotations and corrections I went to David Lawlor, an Associate Editor of The Herald newspaper in Ireland. David has written three historical fiction novels: “Tan”, “The Golden Grave” and “A Time of Traitors” set in the 1910s and 1920s during WW1 and the Irish War of Independence and following the character Liam Mannion.
He is a talented author – I know him originally from reading his historical novels – here is a link to an interview with him about The Golden Grave.
He is also an active blogger and has become a good online friend of many other writers. 378344b681016d439abdb1cc95ee7c03

He ‘s recently taken up editing (see
He sample edited three chapters for me  – fast and with impressive results – before presenting me with a reasonable quote. I’ve been shopping around on the Internet long enough to know how much editing can cost, just on a grammar and punctuation level.
(Obviously thanks to Wanda‘s help the novel was in a reasinable good shape
David worked fast and made excellent suggestions (I didn’t take all of them, so don’t blame him or Wanda if there’s something you didn’t like in “Conditions” ). This is the reference I wrote for him:

I knew David’s high standard of writing from reading and reviewing his novels and took him up on the offer to sample edit the beginning of my new book. I was very impressed with his engagement with the story and the characters and with the quality of his suggestions, just on the comparatively little that he had read of the story.
His subsequent edit was thoughtful and incredibly helpful and highlighted some minor and some larger areas that needed improvement. Reading his detailed suggestions and opinion of the novel motivated me highly to go back and make changes, adding scenes and dropping what wasn’t needed.  It’s been a very stimulating and productive experience and process. David has a great way with words and knows how to deliver a very honest critique and keep your enthusiasm at the same time.
His services were competitively priced and his turn around was fast and efficient.
I learned a lot from the experience and can only recommend him.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is a link to what P.C. Zick has to say about his editing and writing

Find him on his blog
and more spceifically about his editing services:
Twitter: @LawlorDavid
Goodreads: Blog:
Link to my review of his latest novel, A Time of Traitors


It’s 1921, and Liam Mannion is embroiled in the murky world of informers and spies; the IRA has announced a truce, and the British and Irish leaderships are taking their first tentative steps toward signing a treaty.

Liam and his fiancee, Kate, are tasked with finding republican rotten apples, some of whom are intent on foiling the fledgling peace talks. For Kate, the Brigade Intelligence Officer, that means asking awkward questions of trusted allies – questions that reveal a traitor. For Liam, it means travelling to London and collaborating with the British police to find a killer.

As the search unfolds, a devastating revelation from Liam’s past will make the hunt more personal–and deadly–than even he could imagine.

Here is my review:

“A Time of Traitors” by David Lawlor is another gripping book in his Liam Mannion series, an IRA fighter in the 1920ies who used to work for the British.
The story begins with an assassination and continues with the liberation of an IRA fighter from prison. Lawlor wastes no time to throw us into the deep end of the fighting and as the action unfolds we get to grasp the dangers and the difficulties to trust anyone.378344b681016d439abdb1cc95ee7c03
As the title promises, this is a tale of betrayal and distrust, for example when our fighters walk into an ambush or when they take on Albie, a young man they liberate from said prison, a decision they have not much time to loose over. Albie is a fascinating character with a great background story.
Lawlor writes his characters and scenes with much flair and colour, the characters and settings are vividly drawn and take you right into the feeling of those volatile times.

The book has an authentic feel and is a great continuation of the series and its story. This is a wonderful story of heroes and cowards, of honour and bravery, injustice and revenge. Full of suspense and some heart-breaking moments this is a historical thriller not to be missed.

The book on Amazon US and UK 

and my previous feature on David