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I feel it’s time to put the spotlight on a few people that are helping me behind the scenes. Today I’m introducing Wanda Hartzenberg, editor, reader and dear friend.

Since my usual editor, Deborah Wall began travelling the world and teaching English to people with even greater need of her talent than me, I had to find someone to replace her before I was able to publish “Conditions“.

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Wanda Hartzenberg is an avid reader,
( On Goodreads she is currently listed as:
#18 top reader
#1 top reviewer
#12 best reviewer)

she is head of several review groups (Wanda’s Amazing Amazon Reviewers on Facebook for example https://www.facebook.com/groups/328607697211329/
and WaAr Reviewer Reward Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1395755427335631/ ).
And she runs her own blog: http://tattlet.blogspot.co.uk/

She has also co-written The Struggle of Me and released her short story Suicide Song.

Wanda has years of experience under her belt and was one of the first and most important people I’ve met online who helped me getting my books out there, two yeras ago. She advised me on my writing style, found some plot holes and pointed out missing details, found flaws with characters and specific scenes and gave me some very good suggestions as how to resolve some of the issues that needed attention.
Years of her own writing and reading experience paid off and I can only describe our exchange as incredibly fruitful and inspiring for me.

She can be contacted on 
email: wandahart@vodamail.co.za
On Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/WandaPanda
her website http://authorsallies.com/
or via twitter, her username is WandPand

“Suicide Song (Songs)” by Wand Hartzenberg is a most beautiful and thoughtful short story about a young man’s last moments on earth. The author zooms in from afar with mesmerizing 21512487observations about the night sky and a dark memory before homing in on that moment, throughout using great metaphores and scene setting. The writing is atmospheric and bittersweet while the setting is described in excellent detail. It is the perfect close up of the surrounding of th emoment to come. The scene was so captivating I felt as if it were me in that room. The afterword is almost as important and breath taking as the story itself when the author explains about her connection to the man. This truly touched me deeply.


“Suicide Song” on your Amazon page: http://bookShow.me/B00J35IBFY

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About this author

I was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa in 1973. I wrote my first story at the age of 4 and since managed to obtain a BA degree in Communication. I always tend to see the world at a slightly skew angle. As such, I want to share my view with you. I hope you like it. As a matter of fact, I hope you love it.

I love animals, furry puppies that grow to be 18 years and older especially, I have four that share my love, life and bed with me. I also have a turtle, but he is not allowed to sleep with us.

I love cooking, trying out new recipes etc and thus love to entertain. It seems, whether I am at writing or cooking or simply living life – I aim to entertain.


“The Struggle of Me” was written by several authors under the Umbrella “Write to Read Project” and it is hard to believe that the segments of the story should have been written by several different authors – so skilled is the editing that it reads just like one story by one author.
17 year old Derrick and his 15 year old sister Arriane come from a dysfunctional family, the details of which we find out more about in the course of the story. Told from changing perspectives we get insight into the thoughts of several characters and we witness how the sibling’s recent move to live with their older brother Lucas alters their life. Derrick struggles to settle in the new school, while it seems that Arriane is happier here, that is until a nasty incident with her addicted brother Lucas.
As to be expected from this premise there is a fair share of teenage angst in this book and despair. One of the achievements is the heartfelt and slightly sad portrayal of the kids’ desire for home and belonging
But, there is also a love interest for Derrick and unexpected support to make this an inspirational and lovely read with a beautiful message of hope that leaves you feel positive and feeling good.
Through the tool of changing narratives and perspectives we can witness different perceptions of the same situation, adding more insight and making this a rewarding reading experience, the sort of book every child from a difficult family background should have read and re-read to not feel alone and hopeless in their situation.
In my eyes this is a great achievement and I hope that many young adults will find access to this story to aid their personal development and healing.
Highly recommended.