Book Marketing1-lrgIt’s still a little while before the book will become available commercially but the first readers of Advance Review Copies have already left their views on Goodreads:

“Author Christoph Fischer has done it again with his latest book, Conditions. As the reader has come to expect from him, the story is excellent, the dialogue snappy, cast of characters wholly believable, the pages turning at a rate of knots. 

What Christoph Fischer also does so well is to not shy away from writing of difficult subjects, and delving into humanity. For this, he is to be applauded, for handing such subjects with amazing gentleness and insight doubly so. Conditions is just as well done, and tugs at the heart strings just as much as the beautiful tale, Time To Let Go.

Conditions follows two estranged brothers, Tony and Charles, who are brought into each others orbits again after the death of their mother. Fear, resentment, prejudice and a money-grabbing wife make for a gripping, intriguing tale, never mind the fact that Charles struggles with mental health issues and is generally not believed.

Charles’ friends are equally well written, their conversations throwing light on things that he says have happened, all the while reacting to his changes in mood.

I found Conditions extremely touching, and without wishing to let cats out of various bags, I loved how the author gave Charles his dignity.

Another fabulous tale from Christoph Fischer, in fact I really hope there might be a sequel having been offered such a tantalising glimpse into Tony and Charles’ lives.”


***** Book_marketing2-lrg

“Christoph Fischer has done it again, in his great tale, Conditions. A writer of great warmth and depth, Fischer draws the reader in from the first sentence, where the rhythmic bleep of the life support machine sounds like a countdown. The reader is drawn into that hospital room and tension builds with the introduction of characters. The chapters move along like a journey through life, a clever ride through all and what it is to be human. On the backdrop of a funeral, two estranged brothers come together in what is sure to take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster. The challenge of a good writer is to elicit those emotions in the reader and Fischer does not disappoint as he describes in brilliant dialogue and scenes conflicts over material things, mental suffering, prejudices, and the anxiety over all that funeral setting engender and give rise to. A quick read that embraces a couple of weeks, with the characters developing to resemble family the reader can relate with; the tough guy with the soft interior, the odd ball that is difficult to be around, all the flavors and shades inhabited by the rest of us out here. Conditions is a book not to be missed.”
Paulette Mahurin author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap


If any of you feel tempted into reading the novel and don’t want to wait, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to supply you with a pdf of the book while it is being checked and proof read one last time.

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