Song of the Manatee: Children of Quaezar” by S. Rose is a beautiful fantasy novel that concludes her first book in the series, “Song of the Manatee: Aria of Light”.  23208461
It is an Aria of love for nature in a futuristic battle of good versus evil.
Aliens, a time portal, interference with the future and nature are some of the main themes in this often philosophical and moral tale about man’s relationship with the earth and its treasures.
Nobody can deny the dangers that humans bring to Earth and to other species and Rose has created an intelligent and fascinating fantasy story that reflects on those dangers.
This being the second book of two makes it hard for me to tell you too much about the exact plot without giving away what happens in book one, in case you haven’t read it, yet. Although it is possible to follow the story of book two on its own, I would recommend reading both in order, just for pleasure and entertainment value.
The setting is still largely the Florida of 2199, a world completely ruled by a central government through highly evolved technological control, a world with some positive and some not so great advancement. Palaeontologist Michael Black and his family were suspicious to the authorities for many reasons. Michael was involved in underwater research and suddenly disappeared, as did his daughter Swan, leaving the mother of the family now under tough investigation by the ruthless authorities, personified by some very nasty characters.
Fortunately it isn’t all bleak because there are some other storylines with wonderful new and old out-worldly figures in this book; the encounters with them (Neb and Moon) I found particularly enjoyable. Those scenes and creatures were written with such obvious love and amazing originality – Rose has a great imagination and skilfully translates her inspired visions onto the pages.
The author tells the story of a cast of humans and other beings who have more respect and care for the Earth and who fight to rescue what they can in an evolved and clever plot of time-line logic.
The Black family is a loving, intelligent and conscientious unit with great values and vision for the future of the Earth. As in book one, the story shines through its winning combination of responsible ecological thinking, humanitarian values and beautiful magic within the context of a well written futuristic and science fiction story. Great characterisation and ornate scene setting contribute to the quality of the novel which uses a skilful blend of traditional sci-fi tools with magical fantasy writing.

There are heart felt moments, inspiring scenes and entertaining ones. A thoughtful and inspired modern fairy tale that is truly moving.  Highly recommended.


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My feature on Sienna’s first book BRIDGE ICES BEFORE ROAD


From the author: “For me, Science Fiction/Fantasy can be summed up in one word: Imagine!

I hope you will enjoy reading my first science fiction book as much as I enjoyed writing it!”



Song of the Manatee: Aria of Light is book one of a two part saga that will take you around the cosmic block, back in time to Earth’s early Eocene and far into its future, across galaxies and alternate dimensions of time.

In 2199, sixteen year-old Swan Black lives in an ideal society. Every need is supplied by the ostensibly benevolent Central Government, which strives to encircle and protect the Citizens–with a few notable exceptions. As far as most Citizens are concerned, Swan Black shouldn’t have been born.

Being an albino fated her to scorn and ostracism in a society where sensible couples conceive in vitro and select only perfect embryos.

She might have led a lonely existence if not for her devoted father, Michael Black, a brilliant paleontologist and exceptionally kindhearted man. He undertakes Swan’s education onboard his science vessel; by age sixteen she has become a capable research partner.

Under the control of their dictatorial Central Government, Dr. Black has been researching the evolution of the extinct Florida Manatee. Father and daughter are close to an astonishing discovery-when the unthinkable happens.

Only Swan saw the unidentified spacecraft materialize directly above the forbidden springs where her father was cave-diving, then vanish without a trace-along with Michael Black!

Unknown to Dr. Black, the covert objective of his research was to ensure man’s dominion over earth- by derailing the evolution of an infinitely peaceful, intelligent species. To the detriment of the planet, he unwittingly succeeded.

Swan must travel the rivers of time to find her father and reset the universe, so that the blessed meek shall truly inherit the Earth