005Currently entitled “Conditions” my next release will be a strange and special occurence for me. I am going back to the very first book I’ve ever written. 
Five years ago I was working on  a training manual when I decided to experiment with writing fiction. 
The planned short story grew quickly and when it reached 36 pages and showed no sign of ending I abandoned the course and continued writing.  I put it aside and wrote my other novels.
“Conditions” had a lot of the typical errors that a first book can have and I never was sure if I would ever be able to publish it. Ever so often I returned to it and made changes and improvements. The book underwent plenty of re-writes and edits but now I feel it might resonate well with some of those readers who liked “Time To Let Go”. 

The story:

Two estranged brothers and their mother’s funeral.
The conflict between the two is drawn out over materialistic issues but there are other underlying problems. Charles suffers from a mental condition which Tony finds difficult to cope with.
They have not spoken in years and so several friends come to support Charles at the funeral against a family that has cast him out.  Hayling_Island

Prejudice, mis-conceptions and the human condition in all shapes and forms feature in this contemporary drama set at the British South Coast.



I used to go to a lot of funerals when I was in my teens and might have developed a morbid fascination at the dynamics and processes involved. I also loved “Six Feet Under”, a TV series set in a funeral home. 


I grew up as a bibliophile in a very macho and sports orientated environment  images (11)and always bonded more with the odd characters and outsiders rather than the prom queens and sports heroes. Over the years I have met and befriended many people with mental health issues. In this respect the novel is probably one of the most auto-biographical, even though the events and characters are all a figment of my imagination. 
Re-telling something that has happened already has never had an appeal to me as a writer.


I imagine Tony somewhat hardened boxer type with a light gentle touch and Charles like Alan Cummings, Johnny Depp or even Benedict Cumberbatch in some of their more eccentric roles. The story has been likened to The Breakfast Club – I don’t know if that’s true as I have not seen that one yet. I am toying with a sequel for this book already since it all takes place only in the space of two weeks.
I hope to have the book ready for publication in October 2014.

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