“Rare Bits” by Chris Westlake is an accomplished and well composed selection of twenty wonderful short stories. It starts out on a thoughtful note with Welsh Lessons, a story set in South Wales about a childhood friendship and family – themes which resonate in several of the other stories. Great sentiment, moral values and beautiful writing make you nostalgic and sentimental, while other stories show the author’s talent at romance and erotica.
Although the adult content is mild it is a prominent feature, so be warned or excited about this.
The stories are easy to read and hugely enjoyable. Some serious, some less so. They have the same quality of writing as the author’s previous work and show a consistency in depth and talent.
I regard Westlake as my own ‘discovery’ since I stumbled upon his writing via twitter and found out later that his work has won awards. If you are familiar with his work you will be pleased to hear that he delivers the same quality as before. If you don’t, then you will find this a great introduction to this creative work.

Rare Bits is a collection of twenty short stories from the imagination of award-winning author, Chris Westlake. 
David is bored of his mundane life in a sleepy valleys village. The internet offers infinite possibilities of escape. But is he more trapped than ever by his spiralling addiction? 
Simon is an ominous small-time thief. But a text message on a phone he has stolen leaves him embroiled in a case of murder. Who sent him the message and how do they know who he is? 
Rare Bits is beautifully-crafted collection of stories. The characters and plots are a wonderfully assorted blend, but the writing is always sharp and observational. 
The collection includes Welsh Lessons, which took first place in The Global Short Story Award 2010, and Heatwave of 76, which came first in the Stringbybark Erotic Fiction Award. 
If you enjoyed Just a Bit of Banter, Like, then you will love Rare Bits.
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Chris Westlake was awarded 1st place in the Global Short Stories Award 2010, 1st place in the Stringybark Erotic Fiction Award 2011, 2nd place in the HASSRA 2010 Literary Award, short-listed for the Stringybark Short Story Award 2011 and short-listed for the Stringybark Young Adult Award 2013.

Chris is strongly influenced by his upbringing in Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, and his writing always has a welsh link or welsh setting, and Chris is committed to continuing this trend. His next novel explore the modern history of towns such as Porthcawl and Merthyr Tydfil.

Chris devoted 2012 to his first novel, Just a Bit of Banter, Like, which is a dark comedy.