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Riding the Waves is one of the best sequels for a family saga in urban drama this year by far! This story offers a lifelike interpretation of the entertainment industry through the eyes of a new generation from the Morris Family. Selena Haskins has once again woven together a story that captivates the imagination and takes readers on a ride to remember!”– Urban Readers Online Magazine


Book Description

In this sequel, Riding the Waves revisits Connie and Dean, their family, and friends. Connie Morris has retired from the music industry. She’s been enjoying the fruits of her labor until her daughter, Tracey decides to write a tell-all book that could ruin Connie’s legacy, and destroy the family forever. Not only does the book reveal family secrets, but Tracey exposes her friends and former lovers. When Tracey’s ex-boyfriends decide to seek revenge, everything starts to spiral downhill. Tracey could lose it all, including her husband, son, and younger brother. With millions being offered to Tracey, she must decide if her dream of fame and fortune is really worth sacrificing the love of her family.


“If you weren’t there during the come-up you’ll never understand my struggle and what it really takes to be “a boss.” For the record, you only wanted the good parts of my life Tracey, so you will never appreciate the true value of success.” – Connie Morris


1. The Power by Snap

2. Humpty Dance- Digital Underground

3. End of the Road- Boyz II Men

4. The Only One for Me- Brian McKnight

5. Get Busy – Sean Paul

6. Officially Missing You- Tamia

7. Love of My Life- Brian McKnight

8. Diamonds- Rihanna

9. Pour it Up- Rihanna

10. Blurred Lined- Robin Thicke

11. Tom Ford- Jay-Z

12. In Love with You- Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton

13. You Don’t Have to Cry- Rene & Angela



About the Author:

Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian who loves NBA basketball, movies, music, and spending quality time with her family. Riding the Waves is Selena’s third book, and her future projects include a short-story comedy, a love story based on two characters from Riding the Waves, children’s books, and a collection of poems. For more information about Selena, including her blogs, to purchase autographed books, and to follow her on social media, please visit her website: www.booksbyselena.com. Purchases of Selena’s titles are also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




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