“Song of the Manatee: Aria of Light” by S. Rose is a beautiful science fiction novel. It has the charm of a young adult novel, amazing fantasy segments and thought-through science fiction.
The setting for this novel is Florida of 2199, a world completely controlled by the central government through highly advanced technological control. Rose paints an original and detailed picture of this brave new world with some positive and some not so great advancements.

The Black family is a loving, intelligent and conscientious unit, useful to the government but also a little suspect, not least due to the unconventional ‘natural’ conception of their daughter Swan.
At the heart of the book is the disappearance of Michael Black, a palaeontologist, in the underwater caves, at the same time as his daughter Swan saw a space ship. Black’s research concerned the Florida Manatee, a benign but extinct species on Earth. After Black is gone, the government plays down the possibility of such a space ship but tries to manipulate the Black family to buy a particular property that might be the key to the disappearance and a sort of gateway.
Swan is a wonderful protagonist, sweet and innocent in some ways, but very clever and powerful in others. On her fascinating journey through time and dimensions she meets some interesting characters and the search for her father takes on a deeper meaning for the future of the Earth. The scenes between her and Neb are wonderfully written, as are many others.

To me the story shines through its winning combination of responsible ecological thinking, humanitarian values and beautiful magic within the context of a well written futuristic and science fiction story. Great characterisation and ornate scene setting contribute to the quality of the novel which uses a skilful blend of traditional sci-fi tools with magical fantasy writing.
There are heart felt moments, inspiring scenes and entertaining ones, such as the ones with the estate agent charged with selling a property to the Blacks.
The book leaves us with some questions that will need to be answered in the next part, which I eagerly await.

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From the author: “For me, Science Fiction/Fantasy can be summed up in one word: Imagine!

I hope you will enjoy reading my first science fiction book as much as I enjoyed writing it!”


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Song of the Manatee: Aria of Light is book one of a two part saga that will take you around the cosmic block, back in time to Earth’s early Eocene and far into its future, across galaxies and alternate dimensions of time.

In 2199, sixteen year-old Swan Black lives in an ideal society. Every need is supplied by the ostensibly benevolent Central Government, which strives to encircle and protect the Citizens–with a few notable exceptions. As far as most Citizens are concerned, Swan Black shouldn’t have been born.

Being an albino fated her to scorn and ostracism in a society where sensible couples conceive in vitro and select only perfect embryos.

She might have led a lonely existence if not for her devoted father, Michael Black, a brilliant paleontologist and exceptionally kindhearted man. He undertakes Swan’s education onboard his science vessel; by age sixteen she has become a capable research partner.

Under the control of their dictatorial Central Government, Dr. Black has been researching the evolution of the extinct Florida Manatee. Father and daughter are close to an astonishing discovery-when the unthinkable happens.

Only Swan saw the unidentified spacecraft materialize directly above the forbidden springs where her father was cave-diving, then vanish without a trace-along with Michael Black!

Unknown to Dr. Black, the covert objective of his research was to ensure man’s dominion over earth- by derailing the evolution of an infinitely peaceful, intelligent species. To the detriment of the planet, he unwittingly succeeded.

Swan must travel the rivers of time to find her father and reset the universe, so that the blessed meek shall truly inherit the Earth