christophI welcome once again my friend Christoph Fischer, who writes some of the loveliest family stories I’ve ever read. He first came to my attention when a mutual friend of ours took note of our similar Central European backgrounds and thought we should get to know one another. I’m so glad she did. I loved his Three Nations Trilogy, historical fiction inspired by his own complicated family stories – ones of war and displacement and love. Conflict, faith and collective shame. They are spectacular.

Now Christoph has set his sights on another kind of family drama. One more contemporary, but just as harrowing. He tackles Alzheimer’s disease and the resulting challenges and revelations that a family is faced with when watching a loved one slip away memory by memory.

But let’s not get our hankies out just yet.

Christoph, despite his penchant for writing engrossing dramas, has a fantastic sense…

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