Enter "The Sity"


Today, I want to spotlight a very exciting new book release from fellow novelist and “dog-lover” Christoph Fischer. In a previous posting, I drew attention to his equally heartbreaking and empowering Three Nations Trilogy. These novels show the effects of war from both personal and nation-wide standpoints. His latest book, which was just released this month,  is perhaps his most significant. Time to Let Go delves into issues of tolerance and perseverance through the eyes of a family in times of crisis.

Early reviews have been impeccable and speak to his beautifully personal writing style.

“Christoph Fischer has tackled a heart-wrenching subject with warmth and moving sensitivity.”

“Time to Let Go is a story filled with wisdom about life. The magic of Fischer’s book is that he entertains us every step of the way. If you, too, are struggling with control issues or grappling with a chronic illness…

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