chrsitoph the-luck-of-the-weissensteiners
Another dark chapter of European History – The Luck of Weissensteiners by Cristoph Fisher
This is book #1 of ”The Three Nation Trilogy” 
Christoph Fischer offers an eye opening on home,relationships and identity affected by war, political changes and moral issues raised by the union between a German man and a young Jewish woman in 1933 in the Slovak capital – Bratislava.
This is just about the time when Germany start to make waves in Europe and their relationship is changing,just as the all world around them is changing, like everyone else’s life who went through the grey and difficult events of the times.
The Luck of Weissensteiners is a very well written book about German and Jewish perspectives during the WW 2.
christoph fisherChristoph Fischer was born in Germany in 1970 as the son of a Sudeten – German father and a Bavarian mother.
Not a full local in the…

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