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butterfly-seasonToday I am making good my promise to review this charming novel, a romance from a new promising, female author from Pakistan: Natasha Ahmed. As I anticipated a fantatsic story just to my liking with a cross-cultural theme from the not so often heard female voice and perspective from that region of Asia.

“Butterfly Season” by Natasha Ahmed is a beautiful romance between two Pakistani adults in London. Rumi is on a holiday to visit her sister in London when she meets successful businessman and very attractive Ahad. They share an intellectual and physical attraction but the odds, families and circumstances all seem to work against them.
Rumi is already over 30 and inexperienced and only on a holiday. Her expectations and her feelings are beautifully described in this sensitive and low key novel that says a lot about the importance of finding yourself, your confidence and following your heart.
Having spent a lot of her life dedicated to others and her family, can this be the season to fly for Rumi? 

Natasha Ahmed has written two great characters, a believable chemistry between the two leads and portrays the obstacles in an insightful manner. Rumi finds herself in the twilight between conservative and restrictive views and a modern society in which she also believes. This is a great novel that successfully combines romance with deeper issues. 

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