“Escaping Psychiatry” by Olga Núñez Miret is an intriguing collection of three short stories about psychiatrist Mary.
One story is about Cain, a young African-American man who believes that God speaks through him. Mary assess the young man for a lawyer and a court case.
The conversation between Mary and Cain is a great voyeuristic pleasure for people like myself who are interested in psychology. The client – therapist relationship has of course a different angle when there is a court case to come. Mary is a wonderful caring character, which might not make her professional task easier.
In another story Mary is again called upon, this time to the friend of a friend to deal with his grief and in the final story she suffers from memory loss.
All three stories offer a great insight into psychological work and naturally allow the wonderfully interesting characters to be explored with depth and analytical sharpness.
On the way the author manages to include deep thoughts about a variety of subjetcs, making this a thoughtful and enjoyable read.

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Olga Núñez Miret

website http://www.OlgaNM.com
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I was born in Barcelona and have always been a keen reader and writer, although never published anything apart from reviews until recently. I studied Medicine and moved to UK to specialise in psychiatry. Currently I work in forensic psychiatry in a public hospital.
Because life always offers some detours, I studied a BA in American Literature at the University of Sussex (that included a year abroad, at Mount Holyoke College) that I loved and completed a PhD on the same subject (although I wrote about the films of David Mamet). I have recently also obtained an MSc on Criminology (DL) by the University of Leicester. Yes, I like to study.
I have written a variety of things from a very young age. Initially this was in Spanish. When I moved to the UK and after a few years I attended a creative writing evening class and started writing short stories. After also attending a short story writing course at Mount Holyoke I moved on to writing longer fiction.
Currently I have two versions of the same book published, ‘The Man Who Never Was’ and ‘El hombre que nunca existió’. I have also published three novellas linked by the same main character, Mary, a psychiatrist/writer. The title of the Series is ‘Escaping Psychiatry’ and the three novellas are called: ‘Cannon Fodder’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Memory’.
In February 2013 I published a Young Adult Novella ‘Twin Evils?’ (also available in Spanish version ‘Gemela Maldad’) and I am working on a series of YA novels in the paranormal genre.
I have a blog with wordpress, where I blog about a variety of matters, including my books, and have a regular post featuring guest authors.