“Geared to the Present” from the Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series is a very entertaining and clever time travel story, spanning several periods and places without getting lost in the process.
Bennett sets up the scene of 1891 nicely by introducing Jones Whitman, nephew of Walt Whitman, who is on the verge of finalising the Atomotron, a time travelling decive. He is also a transcendalist and as such a thorn in the priests’ side, who tries to interfere in Jones’s life by exerting pressure on his love interest Emily..
The first travel takes Jones to 2012, while another storyline takes the reader and Jones to Master Wong Fei-hung in Foshan, China.
Cleverly woven and told with much authenticy this book is a very strong contender in the time travel genre. The historical aspects are particularly well handled while philosophical or ethical aspects also come into play to enrich the plot and storyline.
The contrast between past and present is very entertaining, too. I found this book very original and enjoyable.


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