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“The Village Idiots Cruise Club: Hilarious Fun at Sea” by Charlie Bray is the second in the author’s witty series on the Village Idiots Club, a bunch of oddballs and obscure characters, or idiots.
On this occasion the club has taken to the sea for a cruise, ‘free’ in exchange for their (free) labour on ship, but with a get out clause in case they proove unworthy of the free ride.

Incompetence, laziness and scheming won’t pay off for our team of ‘volunteers’ as evil senior citizens and other taxing cruise passengers make the life of our cast difficult.

The book is full of great scenarios and very funny ideas about the adventures and misadventures that can occur on a cruise ship. The English-over-sixty Club, and a Antiques Road Show on sea are amongst those original ideas that make the book great fun to read.

The humour can be subtle or more sarcastically dark and cleverly takes apart the dynamics of many such cruises and the clientele. Throw in a mystery to be solved, an odd scientist and his robot, Big Dick, the leader of the Village Idiots and you have yourself a firework of laughs and a conveyer belt of gags.

Treat yourself to a fun read!


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Charlie Bray is a retired English teacher, with a love of fiction in general and humour in particular.
He has had many features and articles published in regional and national magazines and a short story in a children’s annual.

Open House was his first novel and inspiration was drawn from the late P.G.Wodehouse. The story is Charlie’s humble attempt to ensure that the spirit of Blandings Castle continues on into the twenty first century.

He has recently published two more novels, The Village Idiots Ebay Club and The Village Idiots Cruise Club, both laugh out loud comedies.

Charlie has also just published two non-fiction booklets, Build A Book – How to Write and Sell a Novel – 1. Preparation and 2. Plot. Eight other booklets in the same series are planned by late Spring, and will provide a comprehensive guide to authors.
Publication dates and more information on these booklets can be found on http://www.theindietribe.com/build-a-book-release-dates/

Charlie is the founder of The Indietribe, which he set up to support and promote self-published authors. Details of the Indie book portal can be found at http://www.theindietribe.com