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The Luck of the Weissensteiner’s

By: Author Christoph Fischer


An Authentically Compassionate and Brilliant sense of History and Family……

As I sit here mourning the loss of this precious and most beautifully written book and its characters that I couldn’t help but fall in love with as “Author Christoph Fischer” poignantly express with words and the greatest depth of emotional History albeit fictional, but History all the same. I’m reminded that one of my majors in school was history and just like then I passionately devoured each and every word, sentence, paragraph, chapter and page…… I was drawn in and held captivated by the main characters familia “The Weissensteiner’s”. A Jewish family, who at the start of this incredibly amazing read has already experienced a migration from their once known lands and the loss of their mother and for Jonah their father, his wife and companion. Life was hard…

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