I know as well as anyone the challenges quitting can present, but I can honestly say… IT’S WORTH IT. Happy New Year, and here’s to a serene ’14.

Thanks Scott, for giving us a something to think about. For those who don’t know why Scott is the person to listen to, read his book Every Silver Lining has a Cloud about the topic at hand.

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2014 Resolutions: When alcohol isn’t working for you anymore

When a person recognizes there’s a problem with his or her drinking, New Year’s often brings resolutions to quit or cut back. Quitting or cutting back can be as life-changing as pledges to work out more in 2014 or promises to get a new job for the new year. Here are five things to know about alcohol use disorders, quitting and staying sober, whether it is for life, or an experiment for Dry January.

I suggest you scroll down the box and read them all.

1. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are not the same thing. I’ve got the detail on the differences in both my books as well as at www.alcohologist.com… and the differences are aplenty. Cutting back on alcohol consumption may be a practical outcome for an alcohol abuser. If a person has the disease of alcoholism, total abstinence…

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