Dear All, this time marks almost a year of me blogging about books other than just my own.
Here is a list of the first year’s TOP TEN most viewed posts on

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1. Bernice L. Rocque: “Until the Robin Walks on Snow
2. Paulette Mahurin: “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap by Paulette Mahurin
3. Lara Zuberi – “The Lost Pearl
4. Angel Sefer: Spellbound in His Arms
5. Mike Meyer : Three Kitties That Saved My Life
6. Uvi Poznansky: A Favorite Son
7. John Dolan: “Everyone Burns
8. Beem Weeks: Jazz Baby
9. Anna Bozena Bowen: Hattie
10. David Dennis: Why she left us

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