Today I am introducing a very talented scifi author. You all know I am not a huge fan of Science Fiction but I connected with the author over animal welfare and was curious to see what he was like as an author and was pleasantly surprised. Books like ORBS make me want read Science fiction more often.

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“ORBS” by Nicholas Sansbury Smith is an excellently written and fascinating science fiction story set in the near future of 2061, six years after a solar storm has rendered Earth almost inhabitable. Scientist Dr. Sophie Winston is on a mission in Cheyenne Mountain when suddenly the connection to the outside world is cut off. When she and her team venture into the outside they find the world full of luminous orbs and unknown creatures.

The book has a very realistic and detailed apocalyptic setting that in itself surpasses stories of a similar nature. The addition of the unknown creatures and the why and how of it adds to the suspense element and the eerieness of the situation for our scientists. There is also a flashback to the time of the solar storm of 2055 and a bit of background to Sophie’s character which makes her more than just a scientist.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the story and how well the parts worked together. I only occasionally read science fiction but books like ORBS make me want to do so more often. The book has a somewhat open ending since it is the first in a series. Smith has a winning combination at his hands with his exceptionally strong characters and plotlines. Highly recommended.




and the short story prequel

Solar Storms