The Sity is one of those books that I have seen everywhere and I have been chasing Curran for an interview on my blog. One day I will manage. For now I am reblogging this interview and recommend you check out the book.



Hello, this is L.M. David. My blog guest today is Curran Geist, author of The Sity. With the upcoming start of the new season of True Blood, we were able to get Lafayette to do some juju. Must have work because Preston isn’t around, nothing has been tampered with and no complaints from the building manager. Then again, the tires are missing off my car…

Let’s begin the interview. Welcome Curran.

Q.  Tell me a bit about yourself.

A.  I just finished up my final semester of graduate school and I am hoping to be teaching full time this Fall. Writing fiction is my other passion in life and I have been writing since I was 12. I was home educated in a quaint town in Pennsylvania but now I live in NYC. I will always consider myself a PA man though, and I love the outdoors and nature. …

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