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My review:

“Princess Madeline and the Dragon” by Kirstin Pulioff is the third in her series about a head strong princess in the Kingdom of Soron.

In this episode we are drawn right into a well written prologue: a fast paced action scene that introduces the dragon hunter Lord Hawthorne who is after the magic of dragon eggs.

When the Kingdom is attacked by a dragon, King Theodore gets injured, leaving his children to decide on the right path of action. The new King Braden and his sister Madeline try to do this not least by attempting to decrypt a message from their late mother which predicted a time of the dragons.

Of the three books this has the most suspense and action scenes. The young characters are forced into more responsibility and with their unique personalities and their gradual development since the first book they serve as excellent vehicles to carry this story forward.
Carefully planted clues and plot pieces from the previous two books, like the reason behind their mother’s death and her riddle-like predictions now come into play and make me wonder how many more tricks Pulioff has up her sleeves. By now the characters feel like part of my family and with the clever plotting and long sighted set up this series is just getting started.

The story is engaging on many levels, as is Pulioff’s writing, but on this occasion I was mostly drawn into the action and the mystery as how to prevent the worst from happening.

This is great entertainment and should do well across a wider age range.

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